"Vladislav Lalicki" Gallery

On their way to the Šabac City Theatre Big Stage auditorium, audience passes through a gallery space in which exhibitions of paintings, sculptures, photographs, theatre posters and sketches are held regularly.

The gallery is named “Vladislav Lalicki” to commemorate the famous Šabac painter and stage designer, the author of this institution’s logo. The gallery’s interior also contains two valuable works by Vladislav Lalicki (Šabac, 1935- Belgrade, 2008), one of which is oil on canvas named “Theatre Apotheosis” painted specially for this space in 1969. Opposite to this one, there is the other oil on canvas entitled “The Castle of Maidens”, which Lalicki painted in 1968-9 in the Šabac Youth Centre (now: Cultural Centre).

Both of these valuable paintings are owned by the Šabac City Theatre, and the audience can see them every time they visit this institution. The painting "Theatre Apotheosis" is the citizens’ favourite, and they sometimes call it "The Harlequin".

Apart from the changeable artistic programs, the gallery also contains busts of famous artists who left their trace on the Šabac City Theatre’s work. In addition to Vladislav Lalicki (whose bust is located below the painting of "Theatre Apotheosis"), the gallery also exhibits busts of actors: Milutin Džamić, Ljubiša Jovanović (after whom the Main Stage of the Šabac City Theatre is named), Branivoj Đorđević (after whom the Small Stage is named); Mira Stupica (who was a member of the theatre’s permanent ensemble for a while) and Boris Kovač (after whom the annual award of the Šabac City Theatre is named).

The walls of the gallery exhibit photographs of productions, as well as showcases with a selection of awards and accolades that the Šabac City Theatre received for its work. Murals on the walls of the theatre foyer, and artistic interventions on production photos are of a more recent date. In 2018, the murals were made by the Kombinart Group, consisting of Šabac artists of younger generation.