Does it exist?

I don’t know. Maybe, I might want it to exist, because in that next life I’d get a chance to do some things better.

Let’s say that it exists…

Soul would pass through different bodies until it finally frees itself from anger, greed, envy and pride. Cleansing of mind and soul is a journey which is most likely bound to last for a number of lives. It is important to start, or continue the process of spiritual growth. All the entanglements of karma and reincarnation will forever remain secret for human mind, yet the knowledge that we always get the second or third chance is encouraging. We may not be fully aware of what we create from one moment to another, but fortunately, space sends us plenty of signs to inform us when we are on the right track and (more importantly) when we are not.

These signs indicate when our energy flows (or is in fact stuck) on a low frequency, when our thoughts, feelings and actions are negatively inclined, and they create a series of unwanted circumstances. Similarly, when our thoughts, feelings and actions operate on a high frequency, the things would turn out great.

It is a great TEMPTATION to use a given chance. For when we let a butterfly flutter its wings, we cannot guess the final result. How to recognise the right opportunity? How to recognise the sign? To what extent it should be trusted? Should one be ready to give it all?

Questions, questions…questions… we will ask more questions in this play, by looking for the meaning of the concept of FATHER, of the concept of SON, of the concept of LOVE, of the concept of SACRIFICE, of the concept of FORGIVENESS…

Ivan Tomašević
  • Ivan TomaševićAdapted and Directed by
  • Selena TomaševićCostume
  • Goran LjubanićComposer
  • Radivoj KostadinovićLighting
  • Dušan Simić And Mihailo BrezinaSound
  • Zorica StevanovićPrompter and Stage Manager
  • Mihailo BrezinaChief Technician Of The Scena Maska


  • Aneta TomaševićShe
  • Ivan TomaševićHe