Dragana Radojević

DRAGANA RADOJEVIĆ (Prokuplje, 1969) graduated acting from the Faculty of Arts in Pristina. Her first steady professional engagement was in the National Theatre in Pristina, after which she made transfer to the Šabac City Theatre. As a member of this ensemble, she appeared in the following productions: “A Production of Hamlet in the Village of Mrdusa Donja”, “Drums in the Night”, “The Learned Ladies”, “Love and some other things”, “Mite”, “Auditor for South-East”, “The Good Soldier Švejk’s Postmodern Cabaret”, “The Meeting Point”, “’night Mother”, “Edgetown (Rubište)” , “Woolf Hunt”, etc. She takes special pride in the role of Mary the Maid in the production of “The Bald Soprano” (directed by: Nikita Milivojević). For her roles, she received a number of awards at festivals in Serbia and abroad. She works as an acting coach and prepares young people for entrance exams at drama departments. She played a role in the TV series “Peasants” by Dragoslav Lazić.